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How does this Low Cost Package work?

//A: You proved our SEO marketing team a list of target keywords you want including the geographic area that you know will be profitable for you and your business. Similar to above if you are in the business of selling luxury cars in London, your target keyword or phrase would be: Luxury Cars London, Luxury Car Dealership London or Mercedes Dealership London.

//B: Our in-house marketing team will perform a keyword(s) research and a detailed competitive analysis to determine if a top 5 ranking can be achieved and maintained over a long period.

//C: If our marketing team can achieve a top 5 ranking for your chosen keywords, our marketing team will provide a time frame for achieving these rankings, normally this time frame is around 6 to 12 weeks to achieve.

//D: We will also purchase the domain(s), purchase hosting from our trusted provider, build a website and covers the cost of ranking the purchased domain(s). AJSMEDIA owns all the domains and consumes all the risk and you are essentially you leasing the website from us.

//E: You the Client and ajsmedia™ enter into an agreement for the estimated period of 6 to 12 weeks the time it takes to achieve the top 5 rankings. A £599 deposit is required to show that you are serious and if the top 5 ranking is achieved, the deposit will be then used as payment for the first month. And if a top 5 ranking is not achieved in the estimated time period then ajs media returns the £599 deposit and dissolution of the partnership agreement.

There is no cost to our clients until our expert marketing team achieves a top 5 ranking for the agreed keyword phrase, and once ajsmedia achieves top 5 ranking you begin paying your monthly fee and continue to pay only if the domain(s) maintain their top 5 rankings.

Once the client begins paying the monthly fee, they will have full control over the text and images on the website and are able to add additional pages, content banners and contact details etc. As standard the website is built with WordPress, which is easy to navigate and update, unless stated your chosen CMS upon speaking with our marketing team.

Essentially, you are paying a monthly fee to advertise your business in top 5 rankings in Google for keyword(s) phrase that will generate leads for your business and then converted to sales. If our marketing team cannot achieve the keyword ranking within the estimated time frame, then you walk away without any money spent.

//F: This Low Cost SEO Package is 100% risk free and guarantees start-ups and small business owners a real presence in the top 5 ranking in Google for a profitable keyword. There are no start-up cost or risk taken by you, and only pay when top 5 ranking is achieved.

How does this Low Cost Package work?

Well it all started back in 2016 we had a large amount start-ups and small businesses contacting us with the desire to use our marketing services, but are unable to afford our Full Service SEO Package, so with this in mind we have created this low cost option with a performance guarantee that is better than any other SEO or Marketing companies in business, and best of all you don’t even need a website. You tell us the keywords in which you want to rank for and our expert SEO marketing team will purchase your desired name and will pay for your hosting via our trusted provider. You don’t pay until we rank the website within the top 5 for the desired keywords.

The keywords phrase must include a town, city or county name for instance if you’re a window cleaner in London then your keyword would be for example: “Window Cleaner London” the keywords phrase is highly targeted and will sure generate leads and will be guaranteed business for no less than £1000/month. And the best part of this package is you don’t pay until we rank the website within the top 5 positions in Google. This is a great package for small businesses that want have a real presence online with no risk, no website design costs and no long-term contracts and a guaranteed return on your monthly investment with AJSMEDIA.

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Our packages are fully flexible with no long-term contracts, deposits or hidden fees...

How much does it all cost?

Once our experienced in-house marketing team achieves rankings for the desired targeted keyword(s) a 3 month agreement is required and you will have the options of paying monthly or receive discounts for paying 3 months in advance. During this 3 month period our marking team will maintain a guaranteed top 5 Google search ranking.

Domains Ranked Monthly Price 3 Month Prepaid
1 Domain Name from £599 from £1,699
2 Domains Names from £999 from £1,898
3 Domains Names from £1,275 from £3,699

Is this package right for you?

This package is right for your business if you fit the following criteria:

1, You need a guaranteed internet presence and trending on the first page of Google within the top 5 positions for your chosen target keyword(s).

2, Your target keywords search terms you need ranking including a geographic town, city or county. For example -“Luxury Cars Knightsbridge”.

3, You don’t want to think about paying for domains, hosting, website design nor search engine optimisation and don’t want a long-term contract with an agency.

4, You want a guaranteed return on investment on your online advertising and don’t need the services of our Full Service SEO Package.

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"I've had two websites with AJS Media for a couple of years now, and Adam and the team have been absolutely brilliant in helping me get them looking great, high in the Google rankings, and good customer feedback on both sites. They really work hard and give a lot of thought to what they're doing with individual, personal service.


"Amazing service! Adam's work ethic and attention to detail is outstanding. He did a fabulous job on my website for an incredibly competitive price. Highly recommended!



"Fantastic service. Very professional and went the extra mile to ensure my needs were entirely met. Would highly recommend!




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