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AJSMEDIA is a proven in-house team of developers, designers, online search and social marketing professionals based out of Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Our expert SEO team are young but are up-to-date with current trends and although our team only have a collective nine years experience search engine optimisation they are backed by some of the UKs most talented developers and website designers that have helped hundreds of websites across many different niches on a global, national and local scale, succeed online and have a real presence whether it be here in the UK or to a worldwide audience. Our core services are based on small and medium sized businesses and look for long-term clients with exceptional services and/or products. We are specialists in dominating the local search terms, optimising your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, and building websites that make you the most money while staying true to your brand. By combining an effective website design with award winning SEO and PPC strategy, we have consistently helped businesses worldwide to get a positive Return on Investment (ROI) on their marketing budgets.

Why Choose Us For Online Marketing?

Our in-house marketing team will never have more than ten clients at one time, Adam made this pledge upon starting this company knowing that growing into a large business means less personalised service to its clients, and allows us to concentrate all our effort and energy into providing a better service than our nationwide competitors. This is evident in our proven track record of positive client testimonials.

Want More Targeted Traffic To Your Website?

A recent surveys shows that more than 80% of people looking for products and services go online first to research, and places like BING and Google have become primary tools for people to find the products and local or national services they need. With more than 68% of the British public have brought a product online and those numbers are growing, as more people move away from the more traditional Yellow pages and mailing. It’s common for a large amount of our clients that sales are to come from online referrals. You can't accomplish this without a search engine optimised website and in most cases an optimised Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

In order to increase your web traffic, your website must appear in top 3 positions of what’s known as google organic listings. The top 3 listings in google organic listings, account for nearly 85% of all clicks when a search is being performed. While PPC campaigns are continuously going up in price, it’s still an essential piece of every marketing campaign. Pay Per Click accounts for 30-35% of all clicks according to research and if you are not participating in PPC and your competitors are then you’re missing out on targeted website traffic, Tests conducted last year (2017) by our in-house marketing team have shown that a combined SEO and PPC strategies, results in an increase of 25% more traffic than solely using SEO alone.

Google+ Local, formerly known as Google Places, is now essential for gaining traffic to businesses that offer local services and products. Google have announced that they are giving full priority to Google+ Local listings, and a known fact that these posts and listings dominate page one of google search results. Not to mention other search engines following suit with Bing Local & Yahoo Local. These listings and profiles can significantly increase targeted traffic to your website, which lead to more sales. Basically if you are not displaying in search engines, your losing out to your competitors.

Want More Qualified Leads?

Combined Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click are vital to marketing campaigns, because the methods send targeted traffic to your website, after all your website needs to convert the traffic to calls, emails and even product sales. This is also known as generating leads!

However, you wouldn’t want just any leads for your website products or services, you want qualified leads that has the likelihood of converting into revenue. Here at, AJSMEDIA we have many years of experience in developing websites that enhances a business brand image and converts visitors into customers. An important piece of the sales process is managing customer inquiries (calls/emails) and when you hire us, you are not hiring the typical website and marketing company, we have driven marketing strategies online for worldwide brands and managed all aspects of the sales process, first we will help you create a unique strategy and then we will help you drive your strategy forward.

We address every phase of the process to ensure that you are positioned to have the best possible chance of increasing your online sales, lead generation and lead management can make or break a successful online marketing strategy.

Want More Online Sales?

The formula is simple, and many successful internet marketers know this:
More Targeted Traffic = More Qualified Leads = More Sales.

So why isn’t every online business employing these strategies and dominating their target market? Well because it’s not as easy as most think, and there are only a handful of people and companies than can successfully execute these strategies in the United Kingdom. Only one company can rank #1 in Google for a keyword search term(s). Only one company can be the market share leader and secure upto 60% of all traffic for a keyword search term(s). We have a proven track record for highly effective at ranking in organic search listings, we outrank many SEO competitors for the most targeted search traffic. If you rank in search engines then you will get more qualified traffic.

What Makes Us Different?

AJSMEDIA is a complete in-house one-stop-shop, we can manage all of your online needs Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, domain buying, hosting, website development, website design and content writing. We create and drive a strategy, so you can concentrate on what matters, servicing your customers. Most if not all of our clients have previously tried different methods and most have hired a SEO company before finding success with ajsmedia, we have the knowledge, experience and proven strategies for success.



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We are committed to using white-hat, ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques and strategies. And focus on creating a high-quality user experience designed to convert, and never use black-hat, quick fixes.


Results-driven Search Engine Optimisation services that raise your online presence, turn Google searches into website visitors and converts visitors into customers. Results that matter.


We stay abreast of all the latest SEO news and best practices and we share insanely useful and actionable information on SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media in our helpful articles blog.


Fixed monthly fees, services tailored to fit your website and your objectives, regular reports and excellent personal service are just some of the
benefits you will enjoy as an AJSMEDIA™ client.


We’re proud of our service and strive for happy clients. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our clients say, the results speak for themselves.


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Some Customer Reviews

That we, really appreciate!
“AJS Media has been working with me for a couple of years now. We've done it all, from PPC marketing to website development and SEO. They have really helped me not only to stay current in my marketing but also to remain ahead of the curve. I can't afford not to be high in the search engine rankings, so I'm grateful that AJS Media knows exactly what to do to keep me there. Great job, AJS Media!


“With ROI continuing to grow, AJSMEDIA's results have been incredible so far. Their workflow has been very efficient and they've streamlined communication by offering one point of contact which has made things easier for the client. They've acted as a true partner.



“Not only did the company I was working with reach their goals, but thanks to the contributions of the Ajs Media team they exceeded those goals.




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