Commitment, Transparency and Professionalism, that's how we present ourselves. We look for digital partners that value our principles, and that we can build long-lasting relationships.

We believe in building long-term prosperous digital partnerships.

Our ultimate goal is result for our clients providing excellent web solutions for CMS, eCommerce, Websites, Custom Applications, Mobile Apps and other software services such as global gaining technologies and delivering market solutions throughout the UK and the world over. With our business partnerships we look for industrial revolutions and fore front for web and mobile technology.

Who do we partner with? We really like to partner with like minded design and development agencies throughout the UK that want to expand their services to that we offer and help to increase the margins while gaining the inclusive services to its customers. We always look at upbeat companies who are finding web design and development a struggle in today’s market.

Partnership for IT Consultants

  • For accessing the big client base and covers the high growth to increase the revenue.
  • Offers transparent plans for IT business and technical consultant with trade partners.
  • Work like consultant for diversified clientele, evaluate the need and streamline.
  • Totally work on the solution to deliver best potential quality end products.

Benefits of Partnerships with AJSMEDIA

  • High quality skills at low development cost.
  • Wide coverage and expertise.
  • Flexible Integration.
  • Accessibility of superior skill and trade acumen, where knowledge is wealth.

Reasons for Partnership with AJSMEDIA

  • Friendly client support team, regular feedback and quick to respond or comment on all queries.
  • 24/7 - 365 support at hand using phone, chat & email.
  • Robust, extensive development methodology.
  • Pre-establish standardisation for performance delivery.
  • Exact deadline for projects execution.

Outsourcing Partnerships

We serve our clients the very best services to a responsive marketing and customer satisfaction. You don't have to have any tension of personnel management, employee benefits, equipment upgrades, software licenses and upgrades.

Reseller Partnership

We provide extremely acknowledged services beneath your brand and required services. So, you can easily sell under your own brand name. We organise, manage and create your business with our own responsibility of programming, maintenance and development solutions all you can get under your timeframe, budget and requirements.

Industry Partnerships

Our commonly beneficial commerce partnership. We have a well-managed infrastructure to ensure confirmed project delivery. If you are in search of any services for the project, we provide you top class business activities without concerning details. Programmers, technical experts, database management, system management, Linux and infrastructure managements are handle by us. We have the innovative, reliable expert IT developers to hand.

Independent Proficient Partnerships

Explore and focus on marketing services and outsourcing. As it escalates your brand execution. If you are really an IT expert and come to the query from your consumer for the web development and design, we form a partnership that is based on you not having to worry about technical features. You can earn profit and pass the venture/project to us.


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