Every design choice communicates a message, do you know what your business is saying?

Collaborating with AJSMEDIA to create and use a corporate design package can help your business establish its own brand and stand out from your competition.

Online, business-to-business, and direct-to-consumer marketing initiatives that make optimal use of your logo, messaging, website, and print materials contribute to cultivating a positive corporate reputation, extending professional networks, and generating revenues.

Your corporate identity is the cornerstone of all your online and offline marketing efforts and whether you’ve been in business for ten days or ten years, each business should have a corporate identity that serves as its brand.

Business Identity Package Services

  • Invoices and Statements Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Email Template Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Compliment Slip Design
  • Creative Logo Design
  • Facebook Page Design (Profile, Cover Images)
  • Brand Strategy and Analysis
  • Twitter Page Design (Profile, Cover Images)
  • 2x Custom Envelope Designs
  • Linkedin Page Design (Profile, Cover Images)
  • Landing Page (if required)

Corporate Identity refers to everything that represents your company and includes your name and contact information on it: business cards, letterhead, labels, compliment slips, etc. If you already have corporate identity and are not sure whether your materials reflect your brand, value proposition and personality traits, use this exercise to compare those against your materials.

Visual Identity affects human emotions, and there are plenty of case studies of consumer packaging redesigns that infuriated a customer base or dramatically increased sales. Evaluate each of your corporate identity materials to determine whether they support your brand.

You'll look for relevance does the visuals support your defined brand strategy and promise, quality are the visuals professionally designed, and consistency are the visuals consistent at all market touchpoints. Our outstanding in-house team builds an instantly recognisable corporate identity for your business, making it unique from your competitors.

Our work is clean, simple and modern and we offer a variety of designs upon requests.

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